We gather most of our information from observation and from the elderly client(s), but will often consult with family members to supplement the information. However, we encourage our aging clients, when appropriate, to be as involved as possible in helping us understand their issues and in making decisions about their care.

Care Plan recommendations include specific referrals for appropriate services and suggestions for addressing each of the client’s unique issues. The aging client(s) and their child(ren) can receive a written copy of the recommendations if requested.

After Care Plan recommendations have been discussed, the adult child(ren) and/or aging client(s) may choose to implement the recommendations themselves and follow-up on the various suggestions on their own. If the client(s) and adult child(ren) are so inclined, we can continue our services by facilitating the Care Plan and advocating for the client(s). We will consult with the client’s doctors, work with other caregivers, arrange for home care and/or bill paying services, link clients to other community services, and much more. We do all of this while providing support to the client, working at a pace he/she can tolerate, and helping him/her deal with any changes. Once the supports are in place, we will make home visits to monitor the client’s progress and intervene, when appropriate, to help prevent crises. Throughout this process, we communicate regularly with the adult child(ren) or other involved relatives to update them and discuss any concerns. We know how important family is and we do all we can to support family members and involve them in their loved one’s care.